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This is my prompt to the story that I'm currently writing, The Kingdom. Please read this before reading any other chapters, because it'll be a lot easier to understand, and you won't be as confused!

The Nations are Mindcrackia, U.N.H. (the United Nation of Hermitcraft), The Zistonian islands, and Ethopia.





King of Mindcrackia

Given name: GuudeBoulderfist

Previously: As the firstborn of the three brothers, Guude inherited the throne and all of Mindcrackia at age 23, after their father died. The crown that he also inherited now sits in the back of his vast closet, desperately needing cleaning. You’ll see him walking around the royal city with his father’s custom-tailored cloak on, though; as he thinks he looks more interesting with the useless piece of cloth hanging from his shoulders. When he rose to be king, he immediately banned their old nanny for the sake of his brother Beef’s sanity. After that order, he soon came to realize that he could never rule Mindcrackia by himself. He persuaded his closest friends and family to join him in ruling, the end product being the council of the mind.



Given name: VintageBeef

Previously: Second oldest of the three brothers, Beef grew up in the safe environment of the royal castle. However, he also grew up in the clutches of his nanny, JustDefy, for far too long. (Until Guude scrambled to the throne to free Beef from the torture. And, even though he doesn't enjoy admitting it, he did learn many things while toughing through the grueling lessons brought down on him by JustDefy. His best attribute that was product of the years is his ability to speak and decode the sacred and ancient languages of the gods, and he is the person to go to if you ever need help in that very specific area.) When he was finally free, the first thing he did was go out and explore the royal kingdom. On one adventure, where he was out extremely late and thought it would be best to hide from the patrolling guards, he stumbled upon someone’s house.



Given name: PauseUnpause

Previously: Realizing at a young age that Guude and Beef would never kick the bucket and give him the throne, Pause didn't even begin to think about ruling Mindcrackia. Instead, he began practicing his fighting skills with the royal trainer, Mhykol, at age ten. He learned quickly, and joined the army at age sixteen. He was the first person in Crackian history to ascend to General in such—and most times unreal—short time span: only six years. The remarkable thing about it is that he did it without intervention from Guude, who became king when he was twenty. But before he could become the field marshal, the highest rank, he suffered a shoulder wound that never healed properly. He now resides at the castle with Guude, Beef, and many more with regret deeper than the lowest part of hell.


50, Deceased due to wingepox

Given name: W92Baj

Previously: The father of the three brothers, Baj died at the age of 50 from the dreaded wingepox. He ruled the kingdom of Mindcrackia strongly, and was never seen showing weakness or fatigue. He did overprotect his sons, though, by ordering the “best” nanny in the land, JustDefy, to teach and “nurture” them into well-bred adults.



Emperor of Ethopia

Given name: Ethoslab

Previously: Etho’s father, the emperor of Ethopia (Who was also named Etho, it’s a very old tradition), died while fighting against a raid from the badlands. Since Etho was only eight, and was considered not mature enough to rule as emperor, the royal Regent ruled for a bit. He was soon overthrown when Etho challenged him to a duel. His skills were taught to him by his father, who, like Etho, was legendary in both melee and long-range combat. After the Regent backed down from the challenge, Etho accepted the ancient and sacred platinum shuriken, which he keeps in his weapons bag like any other of his tools. He rules the land with a wise hand that rivals his father.



Tsar of the Zistonian Islands

Previously: The Zistonian islands were a place of deeply-rooted tradition. When the Tsar was too old to rule, the Tsarevich would take over. Zisteau happened to be the Tsarevich, and became the Tsar when he accepted the ceremonial garments of his ancestors. He too, like Etho, doesn't care that they’re ceremonial. He wears the pants with honor every day, and sometimes, when in a mood, refuses to take them off (Even if they are in desperate need of washing). And since he doesn’t have a companion that could get him to remove them, they stay on.



King of U.N.H. (United nation of Hermitcraft)

Given name: GenerikB

Previously: The “hermit of the kingdom,” as he jokingly calls himself, GenerikB was probably the nicest ruler you’d ever see. He regularly visits his people, and when not walking among them, he will only let his guards enough leeway to flank him as he walks to meet and check up on his subjects. He was devastated when his mother died, leaving him to take the throne. When they heard the news, his people flooded the palace, in which the gates always stand open, save the occasional intruders attempting to dethrone their beloved king (in which the people, who adore Genny, risk their lives by protecting him). He was so awestruck by the love that his people showed him that he gave most of his money out to every person of his kingdom. Because of this, he was left with almost nothing, leaving the castle barren. This made it easy for other kingdoms to suspect that he was a poor ruler (Which he was, but not in the hearts of his people), and the attacks became more frequent. One raid, about three years ago, someone managed to break into Generik’s personal chambers. He hasn’t been seen since.




Previously: Vechs liked screwing with people. When Guude, an old friend of his, asked him to join the Council of the mind and rule alongside him, he couldn’t help but think about all the people in the kingdom, and how he could mess with their minds. It literally made him rub his hands together with glee. If Guude saw, he didn’t say anything about it.



Given name: DocM77

Previously: The battlefield was like a second—and sometimes better—home to Doc. There, he could forget all the troubles in his mind; like his whole right side of his face, which was scarred beyond recognition. The only thing that he had to think about was his patient. But when the officers told him that since he couldn’t see out of one eye; therefore he couldn’t judge distances properly, he would have to be removed from the army. Doc was distraught, until Guude, an old friend, told him that they needed a doctor at the castle. And just like that, his pain could once again be lightened by the bliss of distraction.



Given name: AnderZEL

Previously: Even though Pause was a year younger than him, Anders couldn’t help but respect the guy, military-wise and friend-wise. So when Pause had to leave the army, he was as sad as a big, tough guy like him could be (Which was very sad, mind you). He accepted Pause’s plea to become general, even though he didn’t want to. He is currently the field marshal, still feeling like he’s doing another man’s job.



Given name: BDoubleO

Previously: BDubs liked building. He thought about it all the time. He voiced it more than a few times also, but no one really got it. Guude didn’t get it either, but since they were very good friends, he agreed to be the royal architect. As long as he got to talk to someone about his ideas, he’s fine. Oh, and being asked to help run the kingdom was also a very kind offer, which he so graciously accepted.



Previously: Cheating was always his thing. If he could cheat, then he would do it without a second thought. He was also proud that no one caught him cheating his whole life. But, long ago, when Guude caught him slipping the marble out from under one of the three cups, he couldn’t wrap his head around it. He was so astonished, he agreed to live in the castle, and then much later, part of the council.




Previously: Millbee knew that he would never achieve greatness by becoming a jester. The sound of spare few coins jingling at the bottom of his purse told him that. But when he stumbles into a drunk and delirious Pause at night, will luck finally look his way?



Previously: A mute that mans the watchtower to the main gate of the castle. No one knows who he is, and no one knows why he doesn’t speak. No one dares to ask.



Previously: He was selling his famous venison stew (with vegetables from his own garden, if he may say so himself) in his little restaurant when Guude walked in, being dragged in by his nose. Guude asked if he was the one who made them, and Adlington couldn’t speak. As he peered over Guude’s shoulder, staring at the dozens of guards chatting outside, Guude made the offer that if he came and joined the royal kitchen as head cook, his pockets would be overflowing with coins. Of course, Adlington was a smart man and took the job offer. Now he’s happily cooking for the king, and is even more happily watching the delight on the people’s faces when they eat his food.



Given name: Shreeyam

Previously: The son of Adlington, he helps his father by fetching ingredients from the local market. He’s a good haggler, and men much older than him shrink away when they see him on the prowl for something, whether it be eggs or cinnamon. His status has risen above the whispers exchanged between the marketplace dwellers, and now, everywhere he goes, people’s stores are surprisingly closed. He has yet to figure out why.



Previously: As a professional swordsman and an excellent trainer, Mhykol begun training Pause at the remarkable age of seventeen. He considers him earning Baj’s trust in his skills, with him being so young, his greatest achievement.



Banned by Guude to save Beef

Previously: Was VintageBeef’s nanny, and was a pain in everyone’s bum. Most people suspected that he experienced glee when torturing Beef in the form of reciting passages of the ancient books in the even more ancient language of the gods. When he was officially banished, he left in the night, never to be seen again.




Given name: KurtJMac

Previously: As a feeble son of a blacksmith, to most people things were viewed as wasted on him. But not to his family, because they knew him and his ability to communicate with animals as if he was speaking to them. They helped out as much as they could to help him further along his gift, and they prayed every night to the gods that good luck would come to him.



Given name:

Previously: Kurt’s father. A very mellow man, especially for his type of work. He tries to help his sons in every way he can, even if it means he has to make deals and bets. He quit drinking at the tavern long ago upon Kurt’s request.



Previously: Sitting in the far right-hand corner of the temple to the Mojang gods, all he does is talk to thin air. Most believe he’s crazy, or senile, or both. But there’s more than what meets the eye.



Previously: A poor peasant that disappears during the day to gods know where. The neighbors all think he’s an addict, going and spending all of his money he finds on the street on mead at the local tavern. They all know this is untrue; not a single soul has ever seen him near the building. But what else can you blame it on? A lost soul without blame resting on his shoulders is bad luck. Everyone knows that.



Given name: MCGamer

Previously: MC Knew Kurt was never going to end up making a profit for the smithy. So he did the right thing early on and helped out his father, running errands and doing the grunt work as Paul made the weapons. Because of his astoundingly productive work, the smithy is viewed as the best in most of the commonfolk’s eyes. This has brought in the money—and attention—that the family needed, if they wished to continue buying food and supplies for Kurt's dog that is kept hidden in the small apartment upstairs.




Given name: SethBling

Previously: Past unknown



Given name: BlameTheController

Previously: He was a high ranking officer in the army. In fact, he was the general. AND he had the record for the fastest time to achieve such a high status: thirteen years. So when Pause decided to waltz in and steal it all away from him, and at such a young age at that, he got a bit angry. He was so angry and so wallowed up in his own self-pity that when he left Mindcrackia, he thought no one would notice; They would be too busy congratulating Pause. This was only half true. People did notice he was gone, but blamed it on a murderer getting into his fairly large home at night, and was clever enough to dispose of the body. He was soon forgotten.



Given name: PyroPuncher

Previously: He always knew he had a thing for fire. So when people increased the size of the pebbles that they threw at him, he finally figured out that he didn’t belong. He belonged to the fire. Only to the fire.



Previously: Like Pyrao, Jsano realized he had a knack for setting things on fire, which didn’t end well for his parents. But, who cares? They kicked him out anyway, his mom shaking a broom at him to drive him back. Seth already told him that if he joined his army, he would be able to burn as much as he possibly could want. Jsano was still contemplating which neighbor’s house to incinerate first.



Previously: His addiction was getting out of hand. He could barely walk through his small hut on the edge of the city. He would only trip over something or other. Seth had promised everything in the world could be his, everything. All the loot from the pillaged houses, all the scraps that they ripped from the enemies’ dead bodies. But Pakratt knew, deep down, that it was a bad idea. But even deeper down, he knew that he couldn’t resist.

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